How parties coordinate

Step One – Discussion on scope of project. This will include the following:

  • The deliverable: media release, case study, white paper, brochure, website page etc.
  • File type to deliver: Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Web page, Excel etc.
  • The objective/ purpose of the writing: to inform, educate, sell, persuade, lobby, entertain etc.
  • The target market: include consumer or business demographics and other pertinent information.
  • The overall tone/ style of writing wanted. What impression does the client want to make.
  • Revision process and due dates for the outline, first draft, second draft etc.

Step Two – Seek agreement on treatment and approval process between freelancer and prime project manager;

Step Three – Co-signing of editorial agreement – covering areas such as rate paid, expenses, when/who to invoice, when paid, termination etc;

Step Four – Delivery of draft article;

Step Five – Feedback and one round of edits;

Step Six – Delivery of final article together with invoice;

Step Seven – Payment of invoice;

Step Eight – Discussion on future projects.

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